It all started at the age of twelve when Ben was caught making sketch comedy videos with his mortal enemy and next door neighbor Darren's father's VHS camcorder.  From there he moved on to Cornell University where he got straight A's in zero subjects but fell in love with 16mm filmmaking and pizza. After college Ben shot a handful of indie features, including Wet Hot American Summer before moving to directing. He quickly became a staple in the New York comedy scene, helming videos for Comedy Central, IFC, FunnyOrDie, College Humor and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. It all has led to an illustrious career making LOL TVCs for Playstation, Geico, Subway, Kit Kat, Crest, Twizzlers and some other fancy brands. When he is not directing, Ben surfs, climbs, eats food, drinks water and coaches long form comedy impcrov. On a more serious note Ben is an environmental activist and community leader, fighting for cleaner air quality in North Brooklyn and across New York City.  Ben currently lives in Bushwick with 11 house plants, some of which are doing quite well. There is no easy way to contact him.